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What our clients say

“We have used Reliance Recoveries as our sole debt collection agency since 2005 and have always been more than happy with the services and professionalism of Donna and the Reliance Recoveries team. We have used other collection companies in the past... Read more..

“Reliance Recoveries offered a cost effective service, and [were] able to understand the needs of a small to medium sized enterprises. We have valued Reliance’s efficient process, and high performance collections results. We have always had excellent... Read more..

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Five Compelling Reasons To Choose Reliance Recoveries As Your Debt Collection Agency.

1. Highly Trained Debt Collectors Victoria Melbourne


All staff receive comprehensive training in the 7 step process of debt collection using the unique, internally developed Analytical Recovery Technique (ART).  Reliance Recoveries’ debt collection staff are on your side. Our training helps your debtors understand the consequences of failure to pay debt according to terms.


2. High Volume Transactions Help You Keep Costs Down


Reliance Recoveries generate enough solicitor-letters to offer you bulk rates, minimising administrative costs. Our knowledge of court-scale legal action saves you money.


3. Learn About Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Rulings


VCAT is a no cost tribunal where creditors and debtors represent themselves.  Receive an order for your debtor to pay their debt, simply for the cost of your time and nominal filing fees. You can also uplift your case to the Magistrates’ Court and have the judgement put on your debtor’s credit file.


A judgement through this method means that your debtor will be restricted from applying for finance until outstanding debt is paid.  The threat of being unable to expand in the future unless their debt is cleared is compelling reason to pay debt. In-depth VCAT knowledge is just another reason our collections’ staff are more knowledgeable about debt collection.


4. Find Debtors You Thought Were Lost With Skip Tracing


A debt thought lost forever may be found and paid! Ask about our debt collections tracing service for debtors.


6. Maintain A Positive Relationship With Your Debtors


Some organisations, like Local Councils, must continue a positive relationship with customers even after an incident of bad debt. With Reliance Recoveries handling your debt collection, Council staff are separated from rate payer collections, so you can better maintain customer relations.


And when all avenues are exhausted?


Thorough Investigation of debtors can help to discover whether a costly court action is likely to achieve an outcome you want.  You have the option to cease action with minimal outlay. Honestly, it’s better to know this before you spend money on legal costs and risk not recovering anything. 


Practice some Prevention!  Reliance Recoveries Credit Control Service:


Employ Reliance as your accounts receivable department and have procedures put in place for your business to help prevent debts becoming overdue in the first place. You can minimise any debt recovery efforts before debt occurs. Plus, Reliance Recoveries takes care of all your follow-up letters and phone calls immediately.


Never Need Us Again! Reliance Recoveries Consulting Service:


Effective credit control begins before the sale is made, with credit checks on new customers and credit history requests. Reliance Recoveries’ professional consulting service ensures your business has good accounts receivable systems from the start.  Once stronger systems are in place, your staff can manage the credit control, referring the occasional debt collection to Reliance Recoveries.


Reliance Recoveries can make a difference to your debtors ledger no matter what shape it is in.  With a wide range of services, help and advice with debt collection are just a phone call away.

More Money Collected More Often